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НазваZhytomyr Region (реферат)
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eing 939 units of state and 1168 – of

municipal form of ownership. The reforming was carried out almost by all

operating methods. The sale of units at an auction was the most common.

102 units, which were in the municipal property were reformed by

redeeming buyers' associations. By the way of selling at an auction

there were reformed 156 units of unfinished construction.




About 4 thousand shops, more than 1 thousand public catering

establishments, 580 dressmaking and tailoring establishments and

workshops of everyday repairs and other services, 1278 clubs, 1038

public libraries, 2 theatres, a philharmonic society, 32 children's

musical and 6 art schools, 2 schools of arts, 4 recreation parks, 4

state and 43 public museums are to people's service.


By the beginning of 2000-2001 academic year 939 state and 4 private

schools providing general education, 2 grammar schools, 2 liceums have

worked in the region. About 205 thousand schoolchildren are trained



More than 5 thousand doctors take care of health of the population.

Prophylaxis, sanitation and treatment of the inhabitants is provided by

4 regional specialized centres of people's protection from radiation, 30

local hospitals, 5 urban and 23 regional territorial medical

associations, 185 medical ambulatories, 844 midwifery stations.


The collectives of the Regional Ivan Kocherha dramatic theatre, songs

and dance ensemble "Lyonok", choir "Oreya", Polissya ensemble of

national rite "Rodoslav", children's dancing ensemble «Solnyshko»,

pop-musik singer Iryna Shynkaruk and others are known abroad.


The regional organization of the Ukrainian Art Guild unites about 50

professionals in different genres of fine art, whose works were on

display not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders.


The unique branches of national crafts have been saved: manufacture of

female ornaments from a precious stone, carpet weaving, ceramics, glass

blowing, wood carving etc.


Physical training and sports are developing. There operate 32 stadiums,

502 sports halls, 5 swimming-pools, 558 different sports grounds, work

405 physical training collectives, 36 children's sports schools, 2

sports schools of Olympic reserve, a school of higher sports skill, a

centre of invalid's sports, in which more than 12 thousand children and

teenagers are engaged.


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