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НазваЮридична лексика кримінально-процесуального права Гетьманщини: Автореф. дис... канд. філол. наук / Б.Р. Стецюк, Запоріз. держ. ун-т. — Запоріжжя, 1999
РозділДисертації, автореферати
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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. воръ,

The development of the judicial terminology of criminal law procedure
during the later periods of its functioning is investigated, its role in
the establishment of system of terms of modern Ukrainian. Among 300
terms of criminal law procedure more that 70 of terms function in
contemporary Ukrainian without serious changes. Some of the words became
historisms and now belong to the passive vocabulary of the Ukrainian
language (ex. куна, лавиця) and they are used in modern Ukrainian as
archaisms. Some of them (ex. гетьман, отаман) were used as historisms
and now are used frequently again. A big number of words are included
into the passive group of Ukrainian lexics.

It’s grounded that in plan of terminologization the investigated
judicial terminology was on the beginning stage, on the stage of
selection of language units, which are the most adequate for the
criminal procedure law. Because of this fact in judicial terminology of
the investigated period polysemantic words are fixed (ex. право —
1) court statute; 2) the totality of laws). For expressing of the same
notion several synonims of titles were functioning (ex. тюрма –
секвестръ, в’язниця). Synonimic connections are mentioned in all
thematical groups of investigated terminology.

The process of grouping of the investigated judicial terminology is not
finished and it’s determined by the existence of great number of
variants of titlles in each thematical group: phonetical (урядъ –
врядъ), morphological (судъ войсковий – судъ воинский) word building
(скрадено – покрадено).

	The vocabulary of criminal procedure law of Getmanschina is enclosed to
this scientific work.

Key words: judicial terminology of criminal procedure law
lexico-thematical group, semantics of the word, etymology of the word,
word building structure of the word, word building structure of judicial

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