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НазваЯвнополюсні вентильні реактивні двигуни з буферами енергії: Автореф. дис... д-ра техн. наук / В.І. Ткачук, Держ. ун-т 'Львів. політехніка'. — Л., 1999
РозділДисертації, автореферати
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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energetical and qualitative characteristics is about to the similar

characteristics of DC machines. The system-approach scientifically

proved investigations in the resolve of the problem of existent EMC and

a position sensor construction, and electric schemes of power

electronical converters and electronics schemes of the position sensor

improvement and creation of the new one are performed. New width-pulse &

phase-pulse manner of the SRM rotation speed control is suggested.

Theory base is developed, new salient poles SRM design metodology and

their mathematical models which adequacy theoretically and practically

proved, are created. The main results of work have been used when

designing new type of electrical drive systems with improved operating



Key words: switched reluctance motors, buffer of energy, mathematical

models, position sensor, width-pulse & phase-pulse control, automatical

subsystems of design and research.


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