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НазваTernopil National Economic University
РозділРізне, реферати, курсові з різних напрямків
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Тип документуРеферат
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Ternopil National Economic University

Ternopil National Economic University is one of the leading higher
educational establishments of Ukraine that has the 4th level of

It is an autonomous institution that has the right to graduate Masters
of Economics.  The University was established in 1966 when the Branch of
the Faculty of Finance and Economics of the Kyiv Institute of National
Economy was opened in Ternopil. In length of time the Branch grew into
the Faculty (in 1967), later it grew into the Institute of Finance and
Economics (1971), the Institute of National Economy (1989), the Academy
of National Economy (1994). On the 30th of March 2005 the educational
institution gained the University status. On the 29th of September 2006
by the Order of the President of Ukraine it was conferred the status of

The TNEU staff meets the demands of the times and acts in the way to
make every student and graduate feel that their skills, abilities and
economic mode of thinking will fit in with the demands of tomorrow. To
achieve this goal, the University staff follows the following two
indisputable principles: it is not the teacher who teaches students, but
the students who learn from the teacher; the goals of economic education
are the following: formation of the student’s economic thinking that can
be transformed into certain actions, and inoculation of responsibility
for decision-making. The TNEU studying process is performed in the way
to direct students and lecturers towards high responsibility for the
results of studying. This is achieved by the availability of course
books, study guides for individual learning, laboratory manuals, etc.

Today, the TNEU is a multidisciplinary educational complex consisting of
thirteen Faculties (Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Banking Business,
Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management, Faculty of
International Business and Management, Faculty of Economics and
Management, Faculty of Accounting and Audit, Faculty of Computer and
Information Technologies, Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and
Management, Ukrainian-German Economic Faculty, Law Faculty, Faculty of
Pre-University, Postgraduate and Masters Training, Novovolynsk Faculty,
Sambir Faculty of Applied Software), and three institutes that train
specialists in nine areas and twenty-one specialties, sixty-seven
Departments, and Education and Consulting Centers. The total number of
students studying at the University is 27,572.

The TNEU academic staff includes 1134 employees, sixty-four of them are
Doctors of Sciences, 474 are Candidates of Sciences, Docents, four
Honoured Workers of Public Education of Ukraine, four Honoured
Scientists of Ukraine, one Honoured Jurist of Ukraine, five Merited
Educators; thirty-eight lecturers are the full members of the Academy of
Sciences, fifteen are the corresponding members of the branch-wise
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